About Chef Lana

About Chef Lana

So, all about Chef Lana; me. Well, growing up I used to think that I was weird and way too finicky of an eater. Traditionally, Armenian cuisine includes lots of meats, while Russian food adds dairy to the equation, which neither have been my favorites. Fast forward to 2012 and my discovery of ‘Forks Over Knives and ‘Food Matters. These documentaries had a profound impact on me, since they validated what I’ve always felt, while also informing me of the health benefits of a whole plant and raw food diets.

I quickly eliminated use of the meat, except for an occasional seafood, out of my diet. Through research, I was able to assist some of my family members to reduce and even eradicate their medication, by switching them to a healthier way of eating.

I was ecstatic!  Discovering that it was OK to have a diet containing the foods I was instinctively choosing. My understanding and knowledge grew, so did the health benefits I was experiencing. I began to experiment with different vegan and raw recipes and simply fell in love with food all over again. All of those sauces that I couldn’t eat before, because they where dairy based, now enriched my cooking and dining experience. I discovered new methods, new ingredients and best of all, renewed passion!

Love for Japanese food.

I loved my renewed passion so much, that I made a very scary decision; to change careers, from business, to cooking! I enlisted in a Sushi Chef Institute to become a sushi chef, which was an obvious decision since my favorite country of cuisine is Japanese.  In my free time I continued to expend my knowledge by educating myself on the health benefits and cooking techniques of vegetarian, vegan and raw cuisine.

When people think of healthy eating, they think of excluding something from their diet. Well, not in my case, I rather expand my palate; thus, this website will provide you with delicious vegan and raw recipes that are healthy and out of this world!

We’re in this together!

I welcome all of your feedback and participation. We’re all in this together.

If I can do it, you can! So let’s learn and grow together!

“Let thy food be thy medicine…”