This week, September 30th, PETA celebrated it’s 35th Anniversary with a party hosted by Pamela Anderson and Anjelica Huston with performances by Grammy Award-winning artists like Sir Paul McCartney and Beck at the Hollywood Palladium.

Many other stars attended the event, but one artist was there not to perform, but to accept a Humanitarian Award for his commitment to animal rights.  Wu-Tang Clan’s frontman, RZA, aka Bobby Digital, is a long time vegan who encourages fans to follow his footsteps for a better tomorrow.

This is what he said after accepting his award:

“I would like to thank PETA for honoring me with a Humanitarian Award.  It’s an award that does not aim to reflect my art—it instead reflects my heart.  With the abundance of … alternatives, I don’t think it’s mandatory to kill animals in order … to thrive and survive.  And, more importantly, it’s definitely not mandatory to kill each other,”


Image via PETA